ICANNWiki ICANN61 Wrap-Up!

Here’s a quick wrap-up of our activities at ICANN61. Thanks for reading!

Edit-a-thon and Reception Dinner
The event kicked off with a packed room and brief presentation from the ICANNWiki team on the project’s mission, values and benefits to the community, including the demystification of acronyms, introduction to the actors in the IG space and inspiration to create local initiatives back home.

Over 50 participants, including 15 newcomers to ICANNWiki, hovered over their laptops, digging into the site. We were impressed at our participants ability to utilize some of our newer functionality to develop new content with minimal assistance. Many participants worked on developing their personal articles and others chose to work on a variety of other topics, including:

NPOC (Updated membership table)
NextGen@ICANN (General corrections and updates)
Youth IGF in Canada (New article created)
Internet Governance Project (New article created)

We are excited that the session was full and that attendees were engaged and prepared for the challenge of building Internet Governance content. To honor everyone’s focus during the event we held a reception dinner at a local restaurant near the ocean. Amazon, our gracious sponsor, provided us with raffle prizes for attendees who made edits during the Edit-a-thon. Four people in total walked away with fun prizes for their hard work.

The editing doesn’t stop after our Edit-a-thons though. We encourage all to work to refine ICANNWiki, a resource driven by the community, for the community. If you haven’t already, request an account and hit that ‘edit’ button!

Public Forum Comment
ICANN’s funding has been instrumental to helping the project grow, significantly increasing our capacity development work, including the global outreach and translation initiatives made possible by expanding our team. You can read more about our work in our previous blog posts.

The budget was a major topic of concern for the ICANN community at ICANN61, and ICANNWiki was no exception. ICANNWiki received significant support during the Public Comment on the FY19 Budget. We captured this outpouring of support and presented it to the Board at the ICANN61 Public Forum on March 15.

Our Amazing Booth Volunteer
We want to draw special attention to the volunteer efforts of Crystyan Ortiz at our Booth in San Juan. He is a Communications and Technology student (with a focus on graphic design) at the University of Puerto Rico’s Humacao campus.

Right from the beginning, Crystyan sprung into action–learning about ICANN, ICANNWiki and how he could contribute in a meaningful way. Cry

styan helped the team significantly, by learning how to manage the site (approving accounts, editing pages), orient others within the site and onboarding new community members.

His friendly and peaceful demeanor made it easy for him to welcome all those curious about the project, and we believe ICANN61 would’ve been more difficult and not quite as fun without him. Thanks, Crystyan!


Amigos at NIC.PR

The team at NIC.PR truly embodied the spirit of Puerto Rican hospitality. From helping us identify the perfect location for our Edit-a-thon Reception, taking the time to provide us with an Interview for the ICANNWiki Quick Guide, and working with a local university to put us in touch with Crystyan, our ICANNWiki Booth Pro.