ICANNWiki Funding Update (Questions and Answers)

The following questions and answers are an update to our January 03, 2018 article on ICANNWiki’s funding.

For transparency’s sake and to provide some context, we’ve answered a few questions that have come up since the publication of our original blog post. Read below for more.

Question #1: Why does a wiki have a budget of $160,000?

ICANNWiki is much more than a wiki, it is an organization committed to empowering the ICANN and Internet governance community. Given the importance of ICANN, our primary focus is enhancing the community’s understanding of the processes, policies and fundamental concepts necessary for participation. Our belief is that everyone should have a voice in the future of the Internet and this has led us to develop a neutral, robust and globally-minded project.

In pursuing this mission, ICANNWiki travels to every ICANN meeting, providing an engaging booth presence that focuses on the onboarding of newcomers and the development of content for our website, as well as keeping the community engaged and informed.

In addition to our presence at ICANN meetings, we spend our time between conferences focused on capacity development in the community and continuing to develop our resource, including localized content in different languages.

We do all of this, while constantly finding ways to improve and innovate our platform. This is no small task and we employ two full-time directors, and a part-time graphic designer to make it all happen.

Question #2: What will happen to ICANNWiki if ICANN chooses to discontinue funding?

To understand what will happen to ICANNWiki, it is important to differentiate between the organization and our services, including the website. The website is a central part of our work and it will not immediately shut-down if ICANN cuts the funding to ICANNWiki

However, we would have to reduce the amount of time and energy our staff puts towards site maintenance and development of content. This includes facilitating the members of our community to add the valuable content that keeps ICANNWiki up-to-date.

ICANNWiki would also have to cut back on its attendance at ICANN meetings, which is where much of our outreach occurs and where we have the most impact.

ICANNWiki and its website are dependent upon an active core of users who regularly edit or translate the content. If ICANN decides to pull funding for ICANNWiki, our decreased capacity, will undoubtedly lead to a slow, but steady decline of our site’s quality. Additionally, the capacity development activities at ICANN Meetings and beyond would be severely limited.

What can I do to help ICANNWiki?

Share this article and help the community understand why this is important. Show your support for this resource that is committed to the ICANN community! Reach out to our team if you have any ideas or questions: staff@icannwiki.com.