ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon at ICANN60 in Abu Dhabi

On October 30, 2017, ICANNWiki held another hour and half Edit-a-thon to share our project, its values and to teach a few wiki basics. We started by introducing the project and its values, highlighting the importance of a neutral point of view, transparency and being a builder.

After delving into some of the mechanics behind editing, including how to use the visual editor and how to use wiki mark-up, we then began by ensuring that everyone had an account. We streamlined this process by removing the 50 word bio requirement. Participants were able to create accounts with much more ease and were able to start contributing sooner as a result.

After this brief introduction to our project, our team chose to divide our time between helping those who wished to edit and update existing articles and those who wished to create new content. There was a higher number of participants who wished to focus on building articles on themselves, but unlike past Edit-a-thons, a few previous attendees felt compelled to dive right into building new content or editing articles that needed a makeover.

Susannah Gray created a much needed article on the San Francisco-Bay Area ISOC Chapter. The article outlines basic information about the chapter, but is a great introduction to a group that was previously unrepresented on our site. Aristide Zoungrana updated the ARCEP (the organization that operates the .bf CcTLD) logo, website and introduction statement. His intimate knowledge of the registry operator made these changes possible.

We concluded the event by encouraging participants to continue their hard work after the conference. 40 participants in all were then given t-shirts and a special invitation to our post-workshop Reception Dinner. Held at the conference center, the dinner was well attended and those who contributed to ICANNWiki during the Edit-a-thon were entered into a raffle. Four prizes, provided by Amazon, were given away.

Both of these fun events were followed up with a short survey to get a better understanding of our work with the ICANN community. A handful of participants responded. 80% had never attended an ICANNWiki event. All of the attendees understood the purpose of ICANNWiki after attending, and also felt that they received the help they needed from our team. The clarity of our presentations can improve and we will work towards communicating concepts in simple and easy to understand terms. All participants would attend and recommend an ICANNWiki event. Lastly, one participant suggested that we focus on building a French ICANNWiki. To that we say, we’re working on it!

Thanks to all those who attended. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the next ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon and Reception Dinner in Puerto Rico this March!