ICANNWiki’s Core Funding in Jeopardy

Update: In response to this announcement, we received a lot of questions from the community. We took this opportunity to answer a few of those questions here.

ICANNWiki was recently informed that ICANN might choose not to renew its contract, which accounts for 60% of our annual revenue. The contract began in 2015, with an initial three-year term, which enabled us to bring on two full-time co-directors to steward the project and improve its services. ICANN has stated, “At this time, while it is highly unlikely that ICANN will be renewing its contract with ICANNWiki, we have not come to a final determination.”

If ICANN chooses to withdraw this funding, we will face an unprecedented challenge in continuing to provide educational, capacity development and community building services.

Over the years, ICANNWiki has become associated with trust, goodwill and a little bit of fun. Our unique, engaging and reliable presence has benefitted ICANN for over a decade and will be extremely difficult to replace if it goes away. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility.

With over a decade of community work in limbo, there is a lot at stake. ICANNWiki owes its success to the tremendous support we have received from our sponsors and community over the years. With all of the time, money and resources you have all contributed to ICANNWiki, we feel it is only right to keep our stakeholders informed.

ICANNWiki benefits the community in many ways, including the following:

Keeping the Community Informed:
The website saves users valuable time, finding and understanding information about ICANN that would be very difficult and time-consuming to find otherwise. This is especially true of articles on the people and organizations. ICANNWiki provides a de facto directory service for the ICANN community that no other resource matches.

Providing Community Support and Recognition:
ICANNWiki also attends every ICANN meeting with informative and engaging giveaways. They contribute to a strong sense of community and provide well-deserved recognition for the volunteers that make ICANN’s work possible.

Helping Newcomers:
Additionally, ICANNWiki provides a track for newcomers, using content development on the website to improve skills, while simultaneously improving the resource for everyone. Beyond the conference, ICANNWiki works with different communities to develop content in their local languages.

How you can Help ICANNWiki:
If you support or have have benefitted from ICANNWiki, we are going to need your support now, more than ever.  You can help by spreading this message and making your voice heard about the value of ICANNWiki.

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  1. It really saddens me to hear this news. ICANNWiki has really facilitated building a solid community within ICANN!

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